O U R  T E A M

Founders, Alex and Candice, were formerly colleagues at Sanli, one of Shanghai's largest test prep centers.  They began teaching the SAT in 2011, then moved on to private college counseling in 2012.  In 2014, with the vision of a more individualized, developmentally-oriented approach to counseling, they founded Goldenway.

Alex Goldman
Having grown up in Shanghai and been educated through American schools, Alex brings his unique bicultural background to the team. Alex graduated from Shanghai American School (SAS) and then went on to attend Pomona College. With a degree in English Literature from Pomona College and years of experience in editing, Alex is always ready to come up with a fresh angle for frustrated writers. While at Pomona, Alex also worked as a writing tutor at the Pomona College Writing Center and as an International Student Director at the Writing Counseling Center for 3 years. After graduating from college, he taught the SAT and TOEFL in Shanghai for two years at San Li (Alex scored a perfect score in Critical Reading when he first took the SAT in his sophomore year). In 2014, he established Goldenway with his partner Candice. As a counselor, he holds students’ writing to extremely high standards and aims not just to help them produce good writing, but to use writing as a way to develop their thinking and self-expression.

Candice Wei
A native of Taiwan, but born in the United States, Candice was educated in America’s public school system in the United States. She received offers from MIT, Columbia University, Cornell University, and Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science and eventually decided to attend the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School. At Wharton, she was enrolled in the Huntsman Program, a double major between Wharton and the College of Arts and Sciences, which only accepts about 45 students worldwide per year. Through the Huntsman Program, Candice was also an exchange student at Peking University for one year. Upon graduating from college, Candice worked in the financial industry and spent two years in asset management in San Francisco, but realized she enjoyed working with students more than asset management after moving to Shanghai in 2011. Now based in California, she works with the majority of Goldenway’s students who attend high school in the US. She believes that the role of a consultant is to help each student grow, focusing not only on getting into a good college, but also being ready to succeed once there, and beyond.

Maggie Zhang
Born in Shanghai, but raised in California, Maggie was educated in America’s public school system from elementary school to college. She has over six years of teaching experience at Sanli, where she concurrently taught SAT/TOEFL and did college consulting. Through her years of teaching experience as the head of Sanli’s International Division Writing Department, she has worked with thousands of students and has a good feel for different types of students and their needs. As a Psychology major graduate from the University of California, San Diego, Maggie takes a very introspective approach to counsel students to guide them reflect deeply on their experiences and present their best, but true selves in college essays. Maggie really enjoys getting to know students on a deeper level through the college application process and forging meaningful relationships with them.

Kevin Lee
 After attending University of California, Berkeley as an undergraduate, Kevin started working in the clean energy industry. Many years later, he worked on Wall Street as an investment banker. Today, he mentors a select group of students to help them gain admission into Top 20 US universities. Nearly 4 years ago, Kevin made the bold to move to Shanghai to reconnect with his Chinese heritage. He found purpose in guiding students. Today, he personally coaches and mentors high school students. He works with them by helping them find direction and work towards a higher purpose. He believes that students can find purpose by working to improve the lives of people around them.  For several years now he has helped students develop creative non-profit, research-based programs, and service projects and provided admission consulting services. He is dedicated to helping his students from international and US boarding schools succeed.